Current Projects

Child Protection Week 2017

Child Protection Week will be celebrated from 3 - 9 September this year with the theme, 'Protecting children is everybody's business'. As part of our 2017 Child Protection Week campaign,Children's Safety Austraila Inc. has sent a complimentary set of our four Safe T: Protective Behaviours for Young People posters to all Queensland secondary schools.

While schools have a clear mandate to develop children and young people academically, it is argued they also share a resonsibility for promoting their health and safety.

School principals and key staff are encouraged to:

  • Display the posters in a prominent position around the school;
  • Highlight the key safety messages at a school assembly/parade during Child Protection Week;
  • Encourage teachers to discuss the key messages with students*;
  • If they recognise the value in doing so, order more Safe T posters ($10 for a set of 4, including delivery; and
  • Consider training teachers and other key school staff in the Safe T program, through our sister organisation, Personal Safety Australia.
  • *A Safe T PowerPoint presentation and an infosheet, 2017 Child Protection Week: Teen Safety Messages have been developed to assist teachers with this role.


Safe-T Teen Safety Posters

Children's Safety Australia Inc. are excited to launch our new look teen safety posters. The posters reflect the four key messages of the Safe-T: Protective Behaviours for Young People program. The posters can be purchased via our Resource Order Form.




Indigenous Children's Safety Posters

Children's Safety Australia Inc. are excited to launch our Indigenous children's safety posters. The posters have been developed in conjunction with indigenous community members and reflect the four key messages of the Safe Start: Protective Behaviours for Children program. The posters can be purchased via our Resource Order Form.




Children's Safety Community Service Announcement

In conjunction with QPIX, Children's Safety Australia Inc. have launched a children's safety community service announcement (CSA). The CSA seeks to question the value of the 'stranger danger' message by highlighting the unncessary fear caused to children and their inability to access help from people they don't know, stemming from this message.

View Community Service Announcement here


Who I Am Makes A Difference® Program

When was the last time you felt appreciated?

There is an incredible power in acknowledging people and encouraging them to achieve their dreams.  The Who I Am Makes A Difference® program provides a valuable tool to facilitate this potentially life-changing process.  It has been proven to help address bullying, self harm and other dangerous behaviours by building self esteem and encouraging respect for self and others.  Learn how you can be a Difference Maker…


Children's Safety Australia Inc. (CSA) has embarked on a new project in partnership with not-for-profit organisation, Difference Makers International (DMI). After viewing the dynamic Who I Am Makes A Difference® PowerPoint presentation, CSA Founder and Director, Kim Jackson, was inspired by the power of acknowledgment depicted in the presentation, which supports CSA’s mission to encourage children and young people to reach their full potential.


As a result Kim contacted DMI Founder, Helice "Sparky" Bridges, to discuss how CSA could assist in spreading the powerful message of acknowledgement. Kim and four amazing, like-minded Brisbane-based women from various professional and personal backgrounds have since successfully completed training with Sparky and CSA has been granted permission to distribute the Who I Am Makes A Difference® resources in Australia.


The Who I Am Makes A Difference® program provides an opportunity for Difference Makers (and everyone can be a Difference Maker!!) to acknowledge others, by offering them a gift of a blue ribbon, which (if accepted) is placed about the receiver's heart. The Difference Maker describes to the recipient the difference they make, which may include praising their talents and/or outstanding qualities. As a result the recipient is appreciated, respected, loved and encouraged to achieve their dreams. In a world where many people don't receive the love and appreciation they need, the Who I Am Makes A Difference® program helps to create a peaceful, respectful and supportive community.


A range of Blue Ribbon Who I Am Makes A Difference® resources is available for sale from the CSA Resource Order FormKim's mother, Milly, provided the inspiration for the Acknowledgement Cards and Postcards, allowing Difference Making teachers, parents and classmates and others to document their messages of acknowledgement so the receiver can continue to be encouraged by these inspiring words.


CSA is assisting DMI by collecting stories, photographs or videos that highlight the power of acknowledgment. If you have a contribution, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact CSA via

Click link here for: Who I Am Makes A Difference®' PowerPoint Presentation


About Difference Makers International

The Blue Ribbon Ceremony with the message, “Who I am Makes a Difference®” was created in 1983 by Helice "Sparky" Bridges, Founder or Difference Makers International (DMI).

DMI's mission is to give children and adults of all ages life skills educational programs so that they become confident, creative and successful citizens able to transform mediocrity and negativity into a world of possibility,
pro-activity and prosperity.

DMI's goal is to honour 300 million people worldwide with a "Who I Am Makes A Difference®" Blue Ribbon by 2020!  

DMI is committed to:
1. Empowering and uniting Youth & Adults to Make A Difference where they work, live and learn.
2. Acknowledging those who are Difference Makers throughout the world.
3. Developing on-going support that creates & sustains positive social change for this generation and all generations to come.

Description: mission

The Queen of Acknowledgement, Sparky Bridges, doing what she does best... acknowledging others!!

For more information about DMI visit