Current and Upcoming Events

Child Protection Week 2017

Child Protection Week will be celebrated from 3 - 9 September this year with the theme, 'Protecting children is everybody's business'. As part of our 2017 Child Protection Week campaign,Children's Safety Austraila Inc. will be sending a complimentary set of our four Safe T: Protective Behaviours for Young People posters to all Queensland secondary schools.

While schools have a clear mandate to develop children and young people academically, it is argued they also share a resonsibility for promoting their health and safety.

School principals and key staff are encouraged to:

  • Display the posters in a prominent position around the school;
  • Highlight the key safety messages at a school assembly/parade during Child Protection Week;
  • Encourage teachers to discuss the key messages with students*;
  • If they recognise the value in doing so, order more Safe T posters ($10 for a set of 4, including delivery; and
  • Consider training teachers and other key school staff in the Safe T program, through our sister organisation, Personal Safety Australia.

    *A Safe T PowerPoint presentation and an infosheet, 2017 Child Protection Week: Teen Safety Messages have been developed to assist teachers with this role.

Entertainment Books

Our primary fundraiser this year is once again the sale of the fabulous Entertainment Books. Books are available for all major cities and regional areas throughout Australia, offering hundreds of valuable up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for many of the best restaurants, cafés, arts, attractions, hotels, travel, shopping and much more.

The cost of books vary fwith the Brisbane book selling for $65 and containing over $20,000 worth of great deals!!

Books are available as either:

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